One Thing Accomplished

It wasn't until I took another nap while reading my book this afternoon that I finally decided to do something useful with my time. For months, my desk has been a mess. I didn't use it during the winter, so I piled things on it. The drawers were packed with a lot of things I didn't need. So, I started to purge. I knew it was going to be a big task, but I didn't realize the extent of it until I actually started! I had paperwork for all sorts of things. Bank statements from a bank I used before I even moved into my apartment. All the signed papers and loan for my Saturn. Check registers. The application and approval for grad school, and class schedules. Grade transcripts from when I went for my undergrad degree. I even had a friend's notebook from an undergrad class that I borrowed when she took the class before I did. I asked her on Facebook if she wanted it back. lol So now I have so much less stuff in my drawers! The top of my desk looks wonderful and clean. I dusted the top, and then dusted everything else in the room. The only thing I need to do now is shred everything that had my name and important info. I will have to do that in stages, or else I might not have a shredder left if I try doing it all in one setting!! I'm so glad I finally got one major thing I've need to do off my list. Now I just don't know what I want to tackle next!


Jen said…
I started cleaning out my file cabinet a few months agao. I got the top drwaer done, but the damn shredding was just so much work...LOl I even broke one hopefully soon I will get in gear and do the bottom drawer..I say KUDOS to you!! You should feel so accomplished!

Luv ya ...Hugs :)

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