Some Thoughts

Plans were made. People were included. One person, one very important person, was not. Who made that huge oversight? Or was it an exclusion? That one uninvited person is terribly hurt by such thoughtlessness, and I feel incredibly disappointed at the people who didn't care. And I know one other person who would be very disappointed, too.

Today, I overdid. I went to rehab as usual, and did ok, but then I went back home after picking up a prescription so I could have lunch and go to Walmart after. My mom called me to say she would stop by to do something, and I told her I would be home for a little bit. When she found out I was going to Walmart, she said she could go there, too. So she picked me up eventually, and off we went. We went to Wegmans first (a grocery store, for those who don't know!), which was good since I needed to get Mittens more food. Well, of course I picked up some other stuff on the way around the store! I had a bunch of coupons to use, so I got a few things at Wegmans, except for the frozen stuff. I knew anything frozen would be thawed out by the time we got out of Walmart!

Walmart's adventure began, and I got everything on the rest of my list, and then some. I was trying to find a bathing suit, but since I didn't like anything, I decided to get some tank tops and a couple shirts. They were cheap enough! Hopefully they'll fit ok, since Walmart's clothes don't always fit smaller people. I have yet to try the shirts on, but I am not cutting off tags until I do. We waited in line for what seemed like forever before finally getting everything paid for and then heading home. I had to put all my stuff away before leaving the house yet again to bring my car down to my dad's shop so he could do a much overdo oil change. I spent an hour talking with him about a wide variety of topics. I've always found talking to my dad so easy to do. He has made it so clear to all four of his girls that nothing is off-limits with him, and we can come to him for anything. If he doesn't know the answer to something, he will try to find it for us. I also love talking to my dad since he doesn't give a rat's ass if we swear. LOL I can say shit in front of my mom since she says it's not a bad word, just not nice to say, but if I let something else slip, I get a dirty look!

Anyway....I finally got back home and made a late dinner. After that I had to do the garbage and wash the supper dishes. I was going to water the plants, but I decided that tomorrow is another day. I wasn't as tired as I was in pain. My legs were killing me. They still are! I have been relaxing ever since clean-up, and yet they are still very achy. I tend not to take pain pills right away, unless I cannot tolerate it any longer. It's almost time for bed, and I think I might just see if sleep will help the legs. I forgot to use a heating pad while watching a movie, so I will nuke that up right now and use it before bed! It's just aggravating that I didn't have a bad PH day, I just had a bad getting older day. lol If it isn't one thing, it's another! Actually, I'm thankful that PH-wise, I was able to handle my day! I guess that if I go to rehab, I better not plan on shopping for several hours afterward!


Jen said…
I think that it is great that you can talk so much and about anything with your Dad. That is awesome..

You are not old, BTW...LOl
Love ya...Hugs :))

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