Lazy Days of a Kitty Summer

It's summer, and Mittens seems to have taken up the fine art of snoozing all day. In the past week, whenever I've gotten up in the morning, he's not always outside my bedroom door like he usually is to greet me with a meow-hello. Sometimes he doesn't even get up when I start cleaning his food bowl and water dish! I must admit that I've been worried that maybe something is wrong with him if I don't see him in the mornings, but then I sigh in relief when I see him lift his head up to acknowledge me when I get into the kitchen. He seems to eat and sleep most of the day. Well, really, he snoozes most of the day! I mean, I know he's a cat and all, but gee whiz, seems excessive to me!

Mittens has taken a liking to a PHA fanny pack that I received from someone who went to the last PHA conference in Houston, 2 years ago. I had found the fanny pack (actually 2 of them) while cleaning the computer room a month or so ago, and had left the pack on the floor while I went to throw something out. When I returned, Mittens was "scratching" the pack, and then completely sat on it! Well, so much for wanting to put it some place else! I just keep it on the rug in the computer room, and many times I find Mittens sleeping on top of it, as can be seen above! I find it so funny how he loves certain things!

Just a bit ago, Mittens got up to eat a little something, and then moseyed (mosied??) on back to the computer room. I was reading something on my laptop when I heard commotion in the room, so I turned to look, and there he was, on top of his fanny pack trying to attack it. He was pulling a little at the strap, then he gripped the zipper a little. I was trying so hard not to laugh, but he must've heard me because suddenly he looked up at me with his big huge eyes, as if I had caught him in the act (which I had!)! So, I guess I'm just happy that the simplest things keep him so entertained!


CL said…
Pogo is in love with my friend's purse. When she comes in, he rubs his face on it and stick his head inside. He acts like it is capnip. Love our furry ones!!
Laury Ann said…
Awww, I LOOVE Mittens :-)

My kitty looooooves to sit on anything new..bags, hampers, papers, etc. haha, they are such funny and adorable creatures aren't they?
Nancy said…
Cats are wonderful companions, and Mittens sounds like she is perfect for you. Give her a scratch around the ears for me.

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