One Year Later

Today it's been one year since my dear phriend, Mason, passed away from a terrible time he had waiting for a second lung transplant. As hard as I thought this day would be, it wasn't really. I was sad, yes, because I still wish he was here. I still wish he had had his second chance. I still wish I could talk to him several times a day, telling him just about anything, since that's what I used to do. I miss my guaranteed laugh for the day. But I guess it wasn't so bad because I know how much better off he really is. Of course, we all want him here. But God had better plans for Mason, and He needed Mason back sooner than we would've liked. And quite honestly, I knew how badly Mason's life ended, and I know that he is definitely not suffering anymore. He is racing around in heaven on his dirt bike, dancing whenever he feels like it, and sending rain from time to time. I know he watches, and I know I will one day meet him when my time comes.

I think what really got to me today is that two of some of my most favorite men are now gone, and I lost them within 9 months and 2 days of each other. I still can't come to grasps yet as to why Euan died like he did, but, that will come in time, too. I admit that I'm missing him more right now, but he only died almost 3 months ago, so it's still a large open wound that hasn't come close to healing yet. I never thought I'd mend after Mason died, and yet, somehow I did. It took a long time, so I don't expect that "getting over" Euan's death will be any shorter. I do hope, however, that Mason and Euan have greeted each other. Of course, I'm sure Mason has been calling Euan, "Juan," so maybe Euan hasn't found Mason yet. lol Anyway, I know I'll see Euan once again when I'm on my to heaven, so when that happens, getting to see both of them again will be one awesome day. :)


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