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I've been having such a lazy Saturday, and it's been rather nice. I didn't have to worry about getting up early to go to rehab, or bring my mom to the doctor's, or bringing Shelby to the vet. I got up a little late, read the news in bed for a bit, and eventually got showered and dressed. I didn't sit down for breakfast until it was 12. I really haven't done too much since! I shut the a/c off in my apartment, despite the fact that it's currently 90 degrees and feels like 97. Am I crazy? Well, most people would say yes. lol However, I'm so sick of the a/c being on, that I just wanted to use the fan. I'm a little warm, but not uncomfortable. I do wish it would rain, though, so maybe the mugginess would go away!

I got a text alert earlier stating that Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment. Now, while I cracked a joke about it, that maybe she should've said yes, yes, yes to rehab, I have to admit that the situation is rather sad. And, who am I to judge her? I have no idea what it is like to have an addiction to drugs and alcohol, just as much as there are many people who have no idea what it's like to have pulmonary hypertension. I would hate it if someone made fun of me because of my condition, and I'm sure there have been people who've made some sort of unkind remark. So I apologize for my snide comment about Amy's poor misfortune of having been an addict. There are some people who are able to get help from the powers of being an addict, and there are some people who fail miserably because addiction is so strong. Sadly, it seems that Amy just couldn't win that battle.

My mom is supposed to have cataract surgery in August, a week apart for each eye. I don't know why I'm nervous about her having it done, but I know that it's been a pretty routine procedure for thousands of people. And we are all really hoping she can see so much better!! She should be all healed by the time Joan gets married in September, and I'm sure she is going to be so thankful she had it done.

I brought Shelby to the vet again yesterday with my mom, and those adorable kittens were still there in the lobby. Silly me fell in love with them even more after I went over and played with them while Shelby got her laser treatment. They are just too cute!!! I KNOW I cannot get these kittens, but it makes me think about the future when Mittens isn't here anymore. I know (and I hope) that is still many years to come, but I did decide awhile back that I would never get another cat. Seeing the kittens makes me sort of change my mind. And then I get to wondering if I do decide to get another cat, should I get two?? I see how much the little kittens play with each other, and it's just so entertaining, and so I think that maybe having two cats would be a good idea. But I'm getting WAAAAY ahead of myself!!! lol Shelby has another appt next week, and I'm sure I'll be bringing her again. I really hope someone has given the kittens a good home by then!!! lol

Joan's last shower is tomorrow, in Canada. The two showers she's already had were really different, but both very nice, so I'm sure the last one will be the same way! I'm expecting there will be a ton of women at this shower, considering Rick comes from a big Italian family!

Well, I'm off to read the book I started reading yesterday. It's considerably better than the two Danielle Steel books I finished. I used to love her books when I was younger, but I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I think her writing style sucks. Either that, or I grew out of it!! Happy Saturday!


Anonymous said…
oh wow...sounds like Joanie had some great showers, did she get a ton of stuff?

I am glad ya were able to rest a little on Saturday and hopefully some today too..You have been so busy lately!! Take care of yourself..Love ya Loca..
HUGS :))

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