Today was very hot here. Opressive. Although there was a lot of wind going on (which I think was a saving grace from downright hell), the temperature was in the 90s, and it felt more like 108 at one point. It doesn't get THAT hot here! I know I'm not supposed to really be venturing out in weather like that, but I had to bring my mom to her eye appt at 9:30, so we left at 8:30. We didn't get back home until almost 4. After the appt, we ventured around the mall for a couple of hours, something I haven't done in, years?? I just don't shop like I used to! We met my friend, Renee, for lunch at Panera Bread, and had a nice time chatting and laughing! Then we went into the Hallmark store, where I bought a gift for Mo's baby shower. On the ride back to the Falls, my mom fell asleep. I wish I could've, too, but I was driving!! We stopped at Mandy's house for a little bit, so my mom could give the kids shirts she bought for them. And then we finally got home.

I waited until 8 tonight to go water all the plants, and it still felt like it was 100 degrees. But the sun was vanishing, and the winds were still strong, and I have to admit that I LOVED it. I got everything soaked, and then I sat on the porch and just enjoyed the heat for a little while! I didn't want to go back into the air-conditioned house, which I'm just sick of being in! Hopefully just a couple more days of needing the a/c on (for me anyway), and I can shut my vents once again!! Off to bed now, since I have to bring Shelby and my mom back to the vet tomorrow. Maybe the cute little kitties will still be there???


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