The Things Kids Say!

Yesterday my family and I hung out at Mandy's house for the evening, eating good food and sharing lots of laughs. The kids were quite energetic, and played in their pool for a very long time before deciding they wanted to have dinner. While we were all in the garage, Mandy told us how her son, who is now 4, was playing one day and came up to her with a beaded necklace under his nose and around his ears. He said, "I'm Aunt Colleen. I have a breathing problem." We all burst out laughing! I thought it was so cute and funny at the same time!

Then a little later, my niece, who was sitting next to me, was in mid-sentence trying to tell me something when she said, "Ooh, your lips are kind of purple, Aunt Colleen." Well, I hadn't been wearing my oxygen for a bit, and so I guess it was time to go put it back on. lol I'm at least glad that both of the kids know enough that I have a health problem, since they've seen me since they were born with the oxygen and stuff. They don't feel funny about it or scared! And obviously, they aren't too shy about pointing it out, either!! LOL


CL said…
Kids do not mess around. They say what is on their minds. Gotta love it!!

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