Busy Family Week!

Here it is, the middle of July, and another busy week is planned. This time, most of my time will be spent with my family. This includes Lisa, and her little guy, who both arrived in town tonight for several days! It was so nice seeing them even for a short while at my parents, and I look forward to the week ahead. I know one night my sistores and I are planning to go out for dinner and drinks! On Friday, we'll be heading to my grandma's for a night, and Saturday will be our family bridal shower for Joan. So, lots of stuff going on yet again, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to keep up!


Anonymous said…
Crossing it all that you can keep up. Loca. Sounds like another busy week for ya...Take care of yourself and enjoy all that family time.

Love & Hugs :))

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