An Awesome Evening!

I had heard over a month ago that a Canadian band I just LOVE was coming to play for free downtown on July 2nd as part of a free concert series through the Hard Rock Cafe. I was so excited!! I have tried twice to see Our Lady Peace in concert, and twice I wasn't able to go, even though I had the tickets. So I really wanted to see them! My friend, Dee, and I kept tossing the idea back and forth between last night and this afternoon. First we didn't know how hot it would be. Then we didn't know if it was going to rain. Then she wasn't feeling too great with her sinuses and stuffiness, and then I wasn't feeling top notch. In the end, we just decided to wing it. We went downtown, actually found a parking spot I could mostly deal with, even though we still had to walk quite a bit, and we headed to the new TGI Friday's that just opened up Tuesday in one of the hotels. It was crazy busy! We sat at the bar, which was a little better, but not by much. We waited forever for our food, but enjoyed it once it finally arrived. When we paid and left, the waiting area was packed. I think since the restaurant is still trying to work out kinks, the kitchen fell behind, and it caused such a backup of people waiting to get in!

We got back outside and headed toward the area where we thought the band would be playing, and could actually hear one of the opening bands singing. And then I realized the stage was straight ahead of us. There were a ton of people already. We walked past the convention center, and found a bench to sit on for a bit. We could see the stage from there, and decided to just stay there. There wasn't any seating near the stage anyway, and we weren't surrounded by swarms of people, and we could hear perfectly. Whoo hooo, worked for us!!

After waiting for the current band to finish playing, the next two bands to get up and play, and the fireworks display from the casino, Our Lady Peace FINALLY took the stage!! I think it was just after 10pm. Dee and I were so excited!! About 4 songs into the show, we started seeing lightning. The band finished up a song, and the lead singer (Rainn) said that since there was lightning, they were going to take a break for a couple minutes and pray for it to pass. Well, a couple minutes turned out to be 45 minutes. They kept announcing to the crowd to hang on and wait to see if Our Lady Peace could finish their set after the lightning passed. It never did rain, at least!! Tons of people did leave, but there was still a crowd by the time the guys came back out! I was so happy!! They played several more songs, and they played past the curfew time that was given since the lightning had ruined the original plans! The last song of the night was my absolute favorite song by them, called Starseed!! I was just so happy!! Did I mention that already?? I sang along to the song, and then the show was over, and Dee and I made the long trek back to her car. I'm SOOO glad we decided just to go ahead and see the band play. It was such a FANTABULOUS evening!!!


Jen said…
Hey Loca,
So glad that ya were able to go. I had never heard of that band, but they are pretty good. I listened to your song LOL

Hope that you are chillin a lil now and ready to strat a new awesome week. Love ya...Hugs :))

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