Calmer Days!

Well, my busy week ended on Saturday night when I got home from being in Horseheads, NY, for Joan's bridal shower. We had no idea how many were actually coming since I only had one person RSVP! We ended up with about 25 people, I think, and it was a great time! I saw some family I haven't seen in a long time, and some I don't really remember. lol The food ended up being really good, the games were so much fun (especially toilet paper bride!), and Joan got some very nice gifts. The day was a nice one, and I was very happy to end the week with my sistores all together, even for a short time.

This week brings some relaxation, and also some very hot temperatures. It's supposed to be in the mid-80s to 90s all week, but also humidity. I wish somehow the humidity could be low! Then I'd be able to open my windows, even despite the heat. However, I had to put the air conditioning on for my apartment this morning, not just for my neighbor upstairs. I just couldn't breathe well. By the end of the day, I was mostly freezing. I had a blanket on while watching a movie tonight! I think that is just ridiculous, in the middle of summer!! lol Looks like I'll have to keep the air on for most of the week, which just makes me sad. I truly believe windows should be open during the summer, considering I have them shut for too many months while it's cold outside!

I have to bring my mom to a couple appointments this week. She's not supposed to drive right now, so I'm the chauffeur as much as possible. She's driven me all over the place for so many years, that I don't mind mostly. As long as something else isn't going on for me, why not??

Today I brought my mom and Shelby to the vet for Shelby's laser treatment appt. Shelby is 14, and she has a lot of arthritis pain. Instead of putting her to sleep, the vet asked my parents if they'd like to try laser treatments to help alleviate the pain. Well, it seems to be working, and now they are giving her the treatments about twice a week. Anyway, we got into the waiting area, and there was a large cage in the corner with these two adorable kittens. They were sisters, and only about 2 1/2 months old maybe. Oh my gosh, my heart was melting as I was trying to play with them! Even though they were from the same litter, one seemed to be a short-haired cat, and the other was long-haired, which I thought was odd! As much as I thought they were so cute, I could not get them for a few reasons: 1) Mittens would kill me, 2) Mittens would kill the kitties, 3) I do not have the $100 to buy them. I also would not have enough money to even feed them and buy the litter, as I have a hard time doing that sometimes with Mittens (although he's never gone without!). Also, the kitties were spayed and had shots and stuff, but they were not declawed. I would have to get them declawed, as I'm on a blood thinner, and getting scratched would not be good! I already got clawed by the one kitty and my finger bled all the way home. lol So, the kitties were good entertainment for me while waiting for Shelby to be done, but there's just no way I could keep them!

Well, time to read before bed. I'm trying to finish a book I don't really like so I can read something better!! lol


CL said…
I know what you mean about a blanket in the air conditioning. I breathe much better in the cool, though. I guess cause I am much older than you, I love to snuggle with Pogo on the couch with a blanket summer or winter. LOL..

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