The last couple of days, I feel as if I haven't been living here. lol I spent most of the day out of the house yesterday, and I was out most of the morning/early afternoon, and then evening today. I'm trying to catch up on rest in between, but I've got stuff that needs to be done around here, so I'm starting to wear myself out. And poor Mittens seems to be missing me when I'm gone because he bashes my legs with his head for awhile when I get back! At least we did get to take a nap together today. I miss him, too! It's nice to be busy, but I also miss the relaxing I usually do. Hopefully that'll change next week!!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some things made for the bridal shower we're having on Saturday for Joan. It's our family bridal shower. We're going to have some finger foods, and I'm going to make hummus for it, so I need to get that done tomorrow. I also have to retype a couple games I found since I'm adding a few things to them. And, I have to wrap the prizes for the games. I don't have time to do this on Friday, because we have to drive to my grandma's house in the afternoon, and that'll take a few hours to get there. Then we need to go shopping for the food and whatever else we need to get. So the next few days are busy as well!! But tomorrow night, my sisters and I are supposed to be going out for drinks. I'm looking forward to that! I hope we'll have a great time!!


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