Is This Thing On??

Here we are, a week later since my last post. I swear, I had very many good intentions on blogging this week, but then either something came up and I'd forget, or I'd just plain forget, or I would get ready to do it and figured I was too tired. Ugh. I think part of it is laziness, too! Anywho....

Sunday was Joan's last bridal shower in Canada, and it was nice. It was a cash shower, and there were no games involved, but we sure did eat. If what we had at the shower is any indication of what the reception's going to be like after the wedding, then I might as well start fasting now. Holy smokes, the food just seemed to keep coming! There was antipasto (antipasta??), which included lots of tomatoes and cheeses, ham, pasta salads, etc. Then bowls of pasta were brought out. After awhile, they brought out chicken covered with some kind of mushroom and bacon sauce, little potato puff things, and cooked green beans and carrots. And a salad. Everything was pretty good, although I didn't really enjoy the chicken, but I ate what I could anyway. Then everyone was told they could line up to get tons of baked goodies over in the one corner of the room. There were so many cookies it wasn't funny. This type of table will also be at the wedding. I am not a big fan of many Italian cookies, but there were a few I found tasty after Mandy went and brought us a plate to share. There was also the cake, which was very tasty! It was a vanilla cake with fresh strawberries, and the icing was so light, very good! After eating, Joan made a little speech thanking everyone for coming and for the support for her and Rick, and everyone started leaving after. We all did get prizes, we just didn't play names. Instead, they drew numbers from a bowl every time the course of food changed, and you could go to the back of the room and pick something. I started out with a 4-glass set, and then exchanged it with Mandy because I could really use some new measuring cups, which is what she picked out. So, it was a pretty calm shower compared to the one we had with our family the weekend before!

The rest of the week I spent driving. Between getting groceries, going to rehab, bringing my mom to a doctor appt, going to a few stores, and bringing Shelby to the vet, there was only one day where I had a break from being the taxi. That was Wednesday! On that day, I did a couple loads of laundry (which were both towels), and hung them up on the line outside. Then I took out my table set and painted my paint-by-number for a few hours. The weather was perfect, and it was very enjoyable to be out there! It was also relaxing!

I'm trying to enjoy my weekend without worrying about what's going on (or NOT going on) in Washington with the debt ceiling crap. So far, I haven't seen any positive Yes or NO's as to whether I (and millions of others) will be receiving our Social Security check if the debt ceiling isn't raised by midnight on August 2nd. The thought of not being able to pay the majority of my bills freaks me out a little. Ok, a lot. I know that I wouldn't be the only person in the same boat, though. I think the whole thing sucks, though. NO politician is safe in the next election after this shit is done!!

Ok, I'm off to try the jambalaya that's been cooking in my crock pot for the last 5 hours! I'm excited to try it, and I sure hope I like it, since I have enough to feed around 15 people!!


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