I love summer. It's my most favorite time of year, and that's because it's warm! And sometimes it's really really hot. And sometimes it's unbearably hot, but I still love it anyway! I try so hard not to have the A/C running for myself in my apartment. There are so many days where I can have all the windows wide open, and a nice breeze flowing through the entire place. I usually run the A/C for the person upstairs and close up my vents. I just really hate the coldness, since I already get enough of that in the winter!!

This week, though? It's been brutal the last couple of days. It's mostly the humidity in the air. And as much as I truly didn't want to do it, I had to open up all the vents in my place and put the A/C on for myself and Mittens. I just can't breathe when it is that bad! The next few days are going to be in the mid-90s, and there's no way I can let a breeze flow through the house. There might not even be one! So, for this week at least, I will feel trapped in the apartment being able to breathe, but also freezing at the same time. I guess I'll wrap myself in a blanket or put on a sweater, which I think is utterly ridiculous this time of year!! I will also hope that it'll get to the point where I can open up my windows wide once again, and I won't need to worry about cooling the place off!!


sunshine said…
We are the same way, our house is on a second story so we have the windows open most of the time, when there's no breeze at all we run the A/C, but not so often.

In fact I am so used to having the windows open; listening to the wind, the birds, the chicken (lots around my house) and when we run the A/C I feel like in a time capsule, because I can't hear any background noise, it makes me kind of crazy after a while!
Anonymous said…
I would love Summer too if I could open the windows and just get the breeze and have fans. I miss Cali so much as I did that often. Here there is no way I could make it, It is in the 90s and higher all summer, so ya know now how that can be.
Hope your week is going good and it cools back off soon. Love ya Loca..
Hugs :))

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