I've Won The Battle Of The Ugly Orange Carpet!!!

YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! The ugly gross orange carpet from the 70s gets to disappear next month when my friends come back to the Falls again to visit!! How did I win this battle, you may wonder?? Well, my best friend told me that, since I will be babysitting her daughter for a week, she will buy me an area rug for my living room! I was like what???? And she said, "Well, would you rather have cash or an area rug for the room??" Seriously, I want the crappy orange rug out of there!!! Did I mention that it's ORANGE?? Here, don't believe me?? I took pictures!! lol Trust me, I'll be taking new ones when all the ugliness is gone, and there is a nice new area rug underneath!! Whoooo hooooo!!!


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