On Saturday, a few of my good friends are coming over to help rip out the carpet in my bedroom. It's old, it's gross, and it just needs to go! I'm excited to see how the hardwood floors have held up, since the first owners of this house buffed them every year until the elderly mother couldn't do it anymore (although she kept trying!), and they put down carpeting. I will not be replacing the rug with anything other than a runner alongside the bed, and a smaller piece in front of the bed. Hopefully, it will look nice!! My bedroom has totally been my comfort zone since repainting in September, and decorating with red accents.

I had a little chat with my mom this morning, and asked if it was alright it we also rip up the carpet (if you could call it that, it's flat as a pancake!) in the computer room. My mom said she wouldn't object, but to leave it up to them if they want to. I know they said they would do it, too, but considering I don't know how long the bedroom is going to take, I don't know if we should. I'm hoping my one friend, who is driving up here from near NYC this weekend to help do this, will call me soon so I can ask for sure. There is sooooooo much more stuff in here to pack up than there was in the bedroom! Geesh, I've accumulated alot of crap in 7 years! So I don't want to start this room if they think they won't be able to do it.

I'm rather proud of myself today. I've gotten so much done since this morning when I got up! I've been pacing myself rather slowly, which is the SMART thing to do! I'm going to have a busy several days coming up, so I don't want to tire myself out!


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