Carpet-less Floors!!


I know I don't have any before pictures of the rugs (of course, I thought of taking them AFTER they were pulled up, duh!), but I just had to post some pics of the hardwood floors!! My friends worked so hard, and they were even excited for me when they saw how the great condition the floors were in! The only trouble spot was in the bedroom, where a rather worn-out area of the floor was found on one side of the bed. I think that is because of the steamer I run every winter, and the fact that I spilled a tremendous amount of water one night right in that spot. They tried to moisten it up as best they could, but really, eventually there will be a runner on the side of my bed right on top of it, so it's ok! Anyway, I had an emotional moment after my friends left, because I was just so happy they were willing to help me out with this. I have awesome friends, who help me in so many ways, and I just love them all so much!!


Nita said…
Hey Colleen:) Thanks for the blog address! It's quite interesting to read your blog also beautifully picturesque. I just could not stop! Your creativity is revealed at your website. Bubbles yesterday and pretty orchids today! You sure know how to 'Wow' us. The photos add even more to the quality of he blogs with audio visual effects! Oh Yeah, you just need music now, hehehe:) BTW: Love the wooden floor. Looks like new, I can see why, if they maintained it every year by polishing. You are one lucky girl. Enjoy.
Davida said…
Well said.

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