I was robbed this morning. Twice in fact. Within approximately 30 minutes.

It was so scary, seeing my items stolen. The first thief had the audacity to bury my item under the tree in front of my house. Right in front of me!

I caught the second thief outside my window. He had his back turned to me, and when I yelled "You blankety-blank!", he turned around and proceeded to eat my item while staring me down. The nerve!! The boldness!!

I'll get those darn squirrels for stealing my grape tomatoes!!!! The first one took a nice almost-red one. The second one took one that was green!! Grrrrrrrr!! I had to pick all the rest of them before they could take those, too!!


Annette Markin said…
You cleaver little girl! You actually had me going!!
Sue "T" said…
Oh my gosh, I was reading slowly and thought you were really robbed.
Be still my heart, hehe.
You are so darned creative young lady. So awesome!!!!
Sue :-)
oh:):):) Loved this post. For the rest of the day I am going to call everybody a "blankety blank"... I LOVE that.

Those squirrels had good taste:)


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