Uh Oh! Someone Has A Dr's Visit!!

Mittens is my baby. He is strictly an indoor cat, and for this reason, I've only taken him to the vet three times since I received him as a Christmas gift back in 2000. So he hasn't gone since 2003. He has been fine. No major issues, no loss of appetite (obviously, he is a big kitty!), no illnesses, nothing. Until this spring/summer. I do believe my poor little man has allergies suddenly. His right eye watered for a few weeks when spring started, which has been cleared up for awhile now. But for the past few weeks, all he keeps doing is licking! And licking, and licking....on and on. I've found several "hot spots," pinkish red areas of skin beneath his thick fur where he's licked himself to death. Unfortunately, when I called the vet's office today, the only thing I can do is bring him in to get a checkup and most likely a cortizone shot. I don't want to for 2 reasons: 1) It's gonna be a huge effort trying to get him in his carrier! I bought one that looks like luggage, just in case I ever needed to bring him to the vet again. I was hoping not to use it, but now I guess I'll have to see if he'll actually go in it. Voluntarily or not. Thank goodness my mom can help me! 2) I can't afford it. Sure, I have my credit card. Obviously, that's how I'm gonna have to pay for his visit. Of course, I'll do it b/c after all, he is my baby! But it's just hard when you have no money to all of a sudden pay almost $100 for your kid. Oh well, I just want him to STOP THE LICKING!!!


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