Harry Potter Snafu!!

I read an article earlier today about some people who were missing pages out of the new Harry Potter book. They were either completely missing, or they were just in the wrong section of the book, causing some problems in reading it coherently!! Some people are keeping the book as a collector's item, and some are trading them in for a new version.

Tonight I was reading my copy, and I got up to chapter 15. I like to skim and see how long the chapters are, so I was trying to figure out when chapter 15 ended, and chapter 16 started. I soon realized that I had 33 missing pages!! I couldn't believe it, just my luck!! I called one of my sisters to tell her (she finished the book in 2 days, so she said I could borrow hers to finish reading!), and then one of my friends. After getting off the phone, I looked at my book again, and discovered that I really wasn't missing the pages after all. They were just in a completely different section. Soooo, I can continue reading the book!

On Ebay, however, I found 2 copies of misprinted books. One is going for $50 right now, and the other is going for a little over $80. So I might have to consider putting my book on Ebay after I'm done for some extra cash!! Of course, I would have to get myself another copy of the book, and hope that it's not missing pages either!!


Sue "T" said…
I think that the books that have pages missing or out of sequence are truly going to be a collector's item. Harry Potter books are so popular.......I have never read any of them, but used to buy them for my daughter.
Was this the last book?
Watch the Ebay bets, if it gets up there, go for it.......hehe. But, you need another book first.
Sue :-)

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