Cutie Pies!!

Today was the first of 4 days that I'll be babysitting my niece, Sydney. She is one of my best friend's daughter. Sydney is 2 1/2 years old, and she was just as excited about coming over to see her Aunt Colleen as I was to having her here!

They got here around 7:30am, and Erin left a bunch of things I would need, and some just-in-case items, and left for work. Sydney and I had breakfast together, watched some tv, read books, played with cars, colored, put stickers on paper, tried to find the cat, and tried to find all the fish in the house. She got overly excited every time she found one (I have 6)! Sydney also asked several times why I wore "that in my nose." She was referring to the oxygen. I just kept telling her that it helps me to breathe. She also kept trying to help bring my tubing with me whenever I walked around. Sometimes almost ripping it out of my face, but still, she was trying to assist!

Around 11ish, my mom came over with Hailey. Sydney was extremely shy! Hailey was not! Hailey was so excited to see everything, and every time she saw a fish, she said "Dorothy! Another Dorothy!" In case any of you didn't know, Dorothy is the name of Elmo's goldfish on Sesame Street! Eventually, after I made lunch for both girls (peanut butter & jelly!), they started playing together. It was rather cute to watch!

Erin came to pick up Sydney, and before I walked down the stairs with them to see them out, I took off my oxygen so I wouldn't trip anyone. Sydney saw me and said, "Are you done breathing, Aunt Colleen?" I thought that was too cute, and too funny!! I just told her no, that I would put it right back on when I gave her a kiss and a hug goodbye!

I will see Sydney on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week. I need to go through some of my preschool stuff in the basement to see if there is anything we can work on. I had fun though, and I can't wait to see her again!


Sue "T" said…
As I told Annette, I FINALLY set my name and password so I can post comments on yours and hers blogs.
I LOVED seeing you talk about your day with Sydney and then Hailey. That sounded like so much fun, I wish I would have been there too. How sweet her asking about your oxgyen, I have had to explain that to Bob's counsin's children too. Kids are so inquisitive and their questions are so honest and innocent, aren't they!!! That's nice you will have Sydney next week too. That will be fun.
I have to comment on the day you took your cat to the Vet. Colleen, I never giggled so much in my life. I was soooooooo engrossed in the story of him telling it himself, that I thought I was going to split a seam. You (I mean he) is an incredible story writer. hehe. I am serious in saying that you should write short stories from an animal's perspective for children. Oh, that was absolutely enjoyable and so refreshing. And, soooooooooo funny.
I need to tell you too, that you are inspiring me to get my creative juices flowlng again. I love the way you are so passionate about your jewelry making!!! I have so many things I love doing and things I enjoy making and I just sit here and do nothing. I have a shadow box to make for my sister in law and a money tree and after that, i am going to go through my things and pick a couple and start to make things and then check into the site where you sell your jewelry. I hope that is ok.......I have never really looked through that site except to check your things. I will check with you more on email, but you just really make me want to be creative again and do something with my life. God has blessed us with talent, and we shouldn't waste it. Thank you, thank you!!!
Keep up the good blogs, I love reading them.
Sue :-)

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