An Afternoon In March

March is here, and although I usually really hate this month, it hasn't been too bad so far. Of course, it's only the 3rd! The sun has been peeking out a bit, and we're starting to get a little warmer. It's funny to think that 35 degrees is a heatwave, but when the temps have been in the 20s and lower for the winter, mid-30s just sounds divine.

Today I had plans to have lunch with my sister, Joan, and I also decided to take out a little extra cash to buy some shirts on sale at Targét. I picked Joan up so we could eat at Tim Horton's, which was nice. I showed her some of the wire-wrapped rings I've been trying to make, and she took one. She didn't think it was too bad, so I said well alright! I dropped Joan off and went to Targét. I debated on whether I wanted a shopping cart, but decided to pass. I started wandering around the women's clothing department, found some of the tshirts on sale, and picked out a couple. I browsed through everything that was on sale. I ended up in the clearance section. Before I knew it, I had 7 shirts and sweatshirts! Some of the items were $3 or less! Gosh, I just love clearance!! I then decided to go back up to the front and get a blue tie dyed tshirt that I really loved. It wasn't on sale, but I thought, well it'll be my splurge item. By that time I was already getting a little tired, so I opted to get a cart. I like using the carts to obviously put my items into, but also to put my purse with the oxygen into the seat. Although the Helios is quite a bit lighter than the heavy tanks I used to carry around, it can feel like lead while walking around the store for awhile. After that I browsed through some more aisles, and found a couple things for my niece and nephew that I thought they'd like to do. I paid for everything....$40 was the total for the 8 shirts I got! I was so happy, and glad that I was able to get so much for myself. It's something I hardly ever do. Hence the flowers I mentioned in my last post. haha!

I left the store, went to Rite Aid for some hair dye, and then stopped at Mandy's for a bit. I didn't really stay too long. I could feel myself starting to wear out. I had planned on going to Walmart and Joann Fabrics after I left her house, but when I got back in the car, there was just no way I could imagine going to Walmart. I decided to drop it off my list, and headed to Joanns to buy more wire supplies. I got back home and now I feel ready to crash! Sometimes it's so disappointing to have to shorten a shopping trip or outing because I've lost steam and just can't push myself to finish what I wanted to do. On the other hand, there have been times when I've forced myself to do something so I won't have to go out again later, and then of course, I pay for it for a day or two afterward. In either situation, I just don't win!!

What made everything better was the fact that the sun has been shining brightly since I got up this morning. So that 35-ish degrees actually felt a lot warmer. It almost seemed like every time I left some place, I would lose more of my winter gear. By the time I got home, I wasn't wearing my scarf, hat or gloves. It just felt so good to be out in the sun and the fresh air. By this weekend, we might even see 40. Heck, I should've looked for shorts to celebrate that!!


Nancy said…
I always grab a cart, if available. I use it to lean on when I get tired or when someone stops me to visit, and to hold my purse which at times feels like it weighs 10 pounds. Sometimes, I wish it had a retractable seat on the back.

Glad to hear that warmer days are ahead for your area. It will be April before we know it.

Any photos of your new rings?
How dare you hate my MONTH! March is the BEST month EVER !! LOL

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