Where'd The Sun Go??

I woke up this morning without the sun coming up in my eyes. I usually wake up around 7am to take Revatio, and for the past 5 days at least, I would wake up to the sun starting to peek up into the horizon. I'd lay back down after swallowing the pill, and put my face onto the part of the pillow where a sunbeam was relaxing. It felt good, and I'd drift back off to slumber until I'd wake up again a couple hours later to the sun shining entirely into my bedroom. It would bring promises of a good day.

Not today!!

It's so dreary here, and the sun won't be showing up at all. No wonder I feel so sleepy. Although, considering all I've done this week, I think the sun is only a part of the reason I'm fatigued.

Tuesday seemed to be "where'd this energy come from?" day. I purposely didn't go to rehab because I knew I wanted to change the bedding and do some laundry. After the crappy Monday I had, I was really surprised I could even do as much as I did. I ended up with 6 loads of clean clothes, blankets, sheets, and towels. Six. I don't ever think I've done that much in a day. Most people asked me how I even HAD that much laundry!! If it wasn't for the bed stuff, I wouldn't. Doing all that laundry meant I had to go up and down the basement stairs a very large number of times. Well, that certainly was my leg exercises! Putting the bedding back on got my heart rate up, and pursed lip breathing helped it stay to a controlled point. But I got everything done. I took my time, I still hosted chat, I took breaks when I needed to, but I got it all done!

Wednesday was the long awaited appt for the dermatologist. It took almost an hour to travel to get there, but it was a lovely day, and the sun was shining! The doctor was nice, and suggested I try an antibiotic as well as 2 different gels to use every day. So far, only the antibiotic has been accepted by my insurance. It figures. I'm still awaiting word on the 2 gels, but since about an hour ago, nothing's been resolved.

Yesterday I was supposed to meet with a phriend from Toronto. I didn't quite know what the exact plans were since I didn't hear from her on Wednesday, but when I got up in the morning, I realized our plans were scrapped. A message from her husband told me that she fainted and fell down the stairs, hitting her head hard. She ended up spending the night in the hospital, and her husband didn't get home until 1am. I haven't heard how she's doing now, but I sure hope she's much better! Since I was up early enough, I got all ready for rehab. There weren't too many people there, so I spent 15 minutes walking on the treadmill. Not sure where that energy came from, either. But it felt good! I went to Kmart with my mom a couple hours later, and in the middle of the store, I felt like I hit a brick wall. I was soooooo tired. I waited in the car while my mom made some purchases, and just drove her to the other places she needed to go. I got home and took a nap that I wished didn't have to end!! I spent the evening after dinner watching some Youtube videos on making wire wrapped rings, and chatting with phriends. It was a good day, but bedtime was very welcome by the time I got there!

Today I've worked on the dishes and the bathroom. Both are done, both are clean, and both will start getting dirty shortly. I'm still waiting for the o2 guy. Why this one takes forever as compared to the other one is beyond me. At least I don't have to go anywhere, so I'm just trying not to get irritated. I'm hoping to work on jewelry stuff later. And I have to order more periwinkle beads! The gloom and doomy atmosphere outside really is making me want to take a nap, though, so I'm just trying to stay awake for as long as I can before I give in!! It's not easy to do!!


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