Monday, March 08, 2010

Playing With The New Camera!


I broke my camera about 2 weeks ago, after dropping it onto the floor while taking pictures of flowers. I was soooooooo irritated with myself!!! Since I use my camera to take pics of things all the time, especially my jewelry, I looked online for a new one, and found a pink Kodak on sale at a price I didn't want to pay but could afford (since I took it out of my tv fund). I got it on Thursday, only to find I needed a memory card as well. I ended up buying the one Joan got for Christmas, so now I can take almost 4,000 pics, or 80 minutes of video!! Holy moly! So I played with the video feature a little bit tonight, and taped my little man! Isn't he just cute??? I know, I'm biased. LOL


CL said...

Mittens looked a bit puzzled at first. Hugs to you Colleen and, oh yes, the the little man.

MarciaB said...

Cute! I dropped mine too when we went to Seattle and need to get another. Maybe you could send me a recommendation? Great video! Lots of drama!

Anonymous said...

Well... that's very interessting but frankly i have a hard time seeing it... wonder how others think about this..

Annette said...

Absolutely adorable little kitty! Nice camera, my phriend!
Take care.