Lazy Sunday

Yesterday I was gone from around 10:30 in the morning til after 4pm. Mandy and I had done a women's craft show in Kenmore for a few hours. It was ok, I only sold a couple things. We did it because it was only $10 for a table, so why not??  After we left, we stopped at Michael's Craft store for a bit, and I bought some spacers to use for more PH bracelets. I was so tired when I got home, but didn't lay down, and by 8pm I was sooooo ready to go to bed. But I can't take my PH meds that early, so I toughed it out until 11pm, and ended up getting to bed by midnight. I don't remember saying my prayers, I think I just fell asleep immediately!

Today has been declared a lazy Sunday. I got out of bed around 11am, I got dressed late, and I had a very late breakfast. I was thinking about doing laundry and changing my bedding, but I'm just so exhausted. So, to heck with it, I will do it tomorrow! I have chatted with two phriends so far today, my cute little Canadian phriend, Jas, and my sweet Nebraskan phriend, Annette. Sadly, we discussed Racheal's passing because neither of them knew until late last night, but we also shared a few laughs. I just love my phriends. They mean so much to me!

Well, since I'm not doing any household chores (despite what my away message says on AIM haha!), I think I'll go read/fall asleep!! I have a busy week ahead of me, so I think I need whatever rest I can find today!!


CL said…
It was rainy here today, so napping was the order of the day. Hope Mittens got some good napping in, too.

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