Spring, Where Art Thou????

I decided in January that I am supposed to buy myself something small every month as a treat. I can't really afford getting a manicure or pedicure every month, and getting my hair done all the time is just over my budget. So, I've decided on flowers. Aldi's has flowers that are so beautiful and yet so affordable. Who can go wrong spending $3.99 on a bouquet of flowers, or a half dozen roses?? Not only are they so pretty, and they liven up the kitchen, but they also last awhile! I've had my flowers for almost a week and there isn't any sign they are dying yet. Hopefully I'll keep this up for myself! I deserve a little treat, because anything I usually buy myself monthly has to do with household and personal needs. That's just fun stuff!!


Nancy said…
The flowers are lovely, and I hope that you continue to buy them each month, even if it is only one stem.

Do you know that your "Post a Comment" link can't be seen? The only way to find it is to earch for it with the mouse until the icon of a hand/finger is visible.
I love the flowers here..and think it's a great idea you have.

I changed the name of my blog and the look too. Guess I have to play around a bit more to get the background changed too. Have a great day,
Bonnie said…
Colleen the flowers are beautiful and I'm glad they make you feel better and happy. Hang in there and look forward to spring. Stay health and happy.

Jen said…
Hi Loca,
Beautiful flowers!
Funny, I just posted a new Blog and titled it..."Is it Spring yet"...LOL

I think that treating yourself is a must! I am happy that you are doing that.
Love ya lots...Hugs :))

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