I'm thankful that the winds aren't blowing fiercely at all tonight. The temperature outside is 6F. It's supposed to go down to -1F. The fact that the winds are calm makes it a tad bit better, because it means the house isn't trying to stay warm with winds blowing hard. Tomorrow I have an appt with my PCP, and I'm hoping it won't feel so bad at 2pm when I'm to be there. Tuesday will be near 40F and rainy. I have another appt, so I'm happy it won't be frigid when I need to go! It won't last of course, but even a day break is nice to have!

I haven't been doing too much around here, which isn't all that good. Being lazy has set in, and I feel guilty, but can't seem to snap myself out of it. I did finally force myself to make a bracelet this afternoon for a wedding party I was asked to do. I took a few pics so I could send them to the bride-to-be for her approval so I'd know whether to continue making the rest or if she wanted changes. She loves it! I'll have to work on the rest during the week.

I'm hoping that I can see my two best friends by the end of the week. I haven't seen one of them since June maybe, and the other since September, when she stopped by for 20 minutes to give me a birthday gift before taking off to run errands. It's kinda sad that we can't seem to get together more often, but they both have families, and well, that's the way it goes.

Mandy and her little family are enjoying themselves for several days down in Disney World. It's their first family vacation, and by some of the pics I've seen already, it looks like they are having a blast! It was in the 70s today, and of course I was jealous! I'm happy they were able to get away, though!

Guess it's time to get to bed, since Mittens keeps bugging me for more food. Grrrrr!

And by the way, now it's 2F. Booooo!


Jen said…
BRRR Loca hope you are staying warm...Hope your sis & Family have a great time @ Disney!

Hope your week was great, enjoy the weekend. Love & Miss ya lots!!

HUGS :))

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