Touring The Country?

I bought a ring for myself on December 17 last year (seems so funny saying that, last year!). A week later, I got the email that it was going out into the mail, but that it might take some time for the tracking to be updated. In their words, they said the USPS and UPS are slow as turtles in updating their tracking system. They said I might get the ring before it's even updated. I was hoping to have it before the new year, but I didn't even get a tracking update until 2 days ago. The ring made it to Buffalo, according to the tracking, yesterday. So, here I thought, I'll get it today! When I checked the mail, I didn't get anything. Grrrr. So, I checked the tracking again. The ring was off to Rochester, NY. ??????? Is it going for a little tour around the country before it gets here?? Sometimes I don't understand the post office! Rochester is only an hour from here, so I HOPE that maybe I'll get the ring sometime this week!!! Frustrating!!


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