New Bling!

I checked my email and the tracking code for my new ring this morning, and it said it was in Niagara Falls and was out for delivery. Yay, finally!! When I went to check the mail, the mail lady was just coming to the door, so I opened it up and actually accepted it from her in person. I do love the ring, and I think the sapphire is very pretty, but I must admit that had anyone bought this ring for the original price of about $150, they were totally ripped off. I paid $15 for it, and I think that's about what it's worth, even though it looks like it might cost more. lol But oh well, it's my new bling, and I'll wear it often I'm sure!!


sunshine said…
I am happy your ring made it, "better late than never". It looks beautiful on your had. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Wow..beautiful ring...I love it! Loooks great on ya too.. :)) Love ya Loca..Hugs :))

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