I had a totally unexpected bit of good news today that I never would've thought in a million years would ever happen. I won some money from my credit card's Fall paperless billing contest. When I first saw the email, I almost deleted it, but it had named my credit card and the contest, which I remember seeing every time I logged on the site in the last few months. So when I read the email, I was like whaaaaaaaaaaat?? I finished doing the dishes, and then sat down and read it again. Of course, my head was screaming scam, but there was a part of me that said this is probably legit. I contacted the person listed in the email. It wasn't a 1-800 number, and the person who answered didn't sound like they were from India or some other faraway place. The number, in fact, was from the Long Island area. I told her about the email I had just received, and she said that indeed, they had just sent that out to 45 winners of the contest. I told her I was calling to make sure this wasn't a scam, and she said nope and congrats on winning! I have to send some notarized info, because of course, Mr. Tax Man must be involved, but I'm just kinda shocked that this has actually happened. I never win anything!! The funny thing is, that I'm going to put the majority of the money on my other credit card. Figures. lol


Jen said…
Wow, Congrats !!! I never win anything eiether and I am like you, I am always thinking things are a scam..Here is to the beginning of a great New Year for ya Loca!!

Love & miss ya....lots of hugs :))

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