Ok, Now What?

I got to the dentist this afternoon, and was brought back to a room right after I gave the lady my name. After explaining the problem to her, and then telling the same to my dentist when he came in, my gums were examined. My front teeth were tapped with a metal object. I had an xray done of my 4 bottom front teeth. The dentist rechecked my gums, and also checked to see if I grind my teeth or if they still have a good bite. After he looked at the xray, he came back in and said, "Your teeth and gums couldn't be any better." He said the roots of my teeth are strong, and my gums aren't bleeding, aren't swollen, and they aren't red. He didn't know what to tell me, because everything looked good. He had checked under my chin and asked if it bothered me when he pushed there, and I said it was a tad sensitive. So, he suggested I ask my doctor to check my lymph nodes. Since I see her next Monday, I'll ask about it then. I'm hoping maybe it'll just get better because my mouth wasn't as terrible as it has been. Fingers crossed, because I don't want it to be anything serious!


Anonymous said…
Ughh Loca, I hope that whatever was going on is done..I sure hope ya have no other issues. Do you have any sinus issues? Are your teeth sensitive? My dentist gave me some crest sensitive last week for my tender gums and it helps. Hugs and prayers that all is good. Keep me posted. I miss ya lots!!
Love ya....:))

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