The Hunter

Mittens often sees little bugs or centipedes or flies or whatever decides to roam around the apartment from time to time, but doesn't do anything to them. He just likes to watch them, and I'm usually the one to kill them. Today I noticed Mittens staring at the kitchen floor intently but I just couldn't see what he was seeing. So I ignored him for about 10 minutes, and when I looked back over, there was this cute little caterpillar inching it's way along the floor! I was rather surprised, since I had no idea how a caterpillar could've gotten in here considering it's the dead of winter and it's absolutely frigid outside. But, there it was, slowly making it's way across the floor. Mittens and I both stared as it began crossing over from the kitchen into the hallway, and I was trying to think of what to do with it. Obviously I couldn't get it and put it outside, since it would certainly freeze! As I was wondering if I should try to put it into a container of some sort, I noticed it inching along the oxygen tubing laying in the hallway, and thought it was cute. Mittens apparently didn't think it was so adorable, and the next thing I knew, he bent over the little caterpillar and picked it up with his mouth! I yelled, and Mittens just dropped it, and walked away. I went over to the little creature, but I just knew Mittens had killed it. I felt terrible for it, and yet oddly proud of Mittens for killing his first live thing. He's never done it before, you know, considering he's an indoor cat! Poor little caterpillar, though. It doesn't get to be a butterfly (or maybe just a moth, I'm not even sure!).


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