Stress Is Never A Good Thing

I've been trying to figure something out about a situation I've found myself in, and unfortunately can't describe here. But it's caused some rather unwanted stress, and my physical being and emotional being has been having a hard time handling it. It reminds me of how I felt back in March, like I was floating on Cloud 9 and things seemed to be going so well, and then I was suddenly slammed back down to earth....well, really hell....when Euan died. I'm trying to really find a lot of answers, and I keep praying and asking God for some peace and strength to get me through this. All I know is that I'm constantly tired and not sleeping well, and I'm really just hoping the answers come around very soon. I know stress isn't good for anyone, but when you're living with a chronic illness, stress seems about 100 times worse!!


CL said…
I am sorry you are having a stressful time. I hope you get it worked out soon. I am here if you want to talk about anything, not just the problem, OK?
The Mrs. said…
Hi Colleen...I know how hard it is and pray you find what you need to make it through.

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