The cold air is settling in again this week, which leaves me stranded at home for the most part. This isn't good because I need some food staples very soon, and I have one roll of toilet paper left!! lol I am hoping maybe tomorrow I can ask my mom to take me to Walmart after she brings me to an unplanned trip to the dentist. About a week after my last cleaning in September, I started having some problems with my lower front teeth. I figured it would just resolve itself, but it didn't. I stopped taking an antibiotic I had been on for almost 9 months for acne, because I thought it was causing the problem since I believe it had also stained the same 4 teeth that are bugging me now (the stain was removed during the last cleaning). I was going to call the dentist last Monday, but my mom suggested using a peroxide/water mix for a few days. I did use it several times a day for the week, but nothing's changed much. I feel like my gums are burning, especially by the end of the day. The thing is, my gums aren't red or swollen, and they aren't bleeding. Nothing hurts, it's just very uncomfortable, and it's bothering me when I talk. So, I reluctantly called this morning to see if I could come in and have it checked. My biggest fear is a root canal, although everyone I've talked to can't see the need for that. My new xrays 3 months ago didn't show anything, and I can't imagine that in 3 months, my teeth just decayed! I'm thinking the worst, of course, but I can't help it. I've never had a huge issue with my teeth since I had braces and a retainer, so many years ago. I pride myself on keeping my teeth clean, and although I wasn't flossing diligently before, I do now. For me to have to go back so soon before my next cleaning is a little unnerving to me!


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