How Smart Am I?

Yesterday I didn't feel like getting up, but since the oxygen guy and the FedEx lady were showing up at some point, I figured staying in bed all morning wasn't going to work. I struggled to stay awake after getting dressed and having some breakfast. I think I'm fighting something off. Grrrr. The oxygen guy showed up and took his time filling the 2 big tanks, and a couple hours later, the nice FedEx lady came with my new phone. I was so tired by that point that all I did was open the package, take out the phone and put it in the wall to charge while I went to nap!

A couple hours later, I turned the phone on and followed the directions on how to set some things up. The sounds were fascinating, but oh my word, everything seemed overwhelming! I started playing around with it and got confused on some things. Luckily, there are Youtube videos out there to view, and some of them have helped me set up stuff. But I certainly have a lot to play around with and discover. Somehow this new smartphone is making me feel a bit dumb, but I'm hoping that'll change soon! lol

The best part about the phone so far is the game Angry Birds. I kept seeing Facebook posts from friends about the game in the past couple months, and when I saw it's a free app in the Android market, I got it! It is addicting!! There are a TON of other apps out there that I haven't even begun to explore, so I think I know what'll I'll be doing most of the weekend!


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