Great First Day Of Spring!

I got up this morning around 9:30, and did my morning routine. I was just pulling stuff out of the fridge to make pork chops in my crockpot, when Joanie called me to see if I still wanted to go to the bead show. YES!! I put the pork chops back and got ready to go, and she picked me up about half an hour later. We got to the show, and it was significantly smaller than last year's bead show. The entire room was filled with vendors last year, but this year they only had half the room filled. Still, we spent time going around to the tables and looking at the lovely beads! And some not so lovely beads! I did buy some beads, but not like I did last year. Even though it was a smaller event, I'm glad I got to go!

Joanie had a birthday/retirement party at The Brickyard to go to around 3:30, and she asked if I wanted to come. I said sure, and we stopped at Rite Aid for a card and gift card before heading to Lewiston. We were at the restaurant with some of her other fellow coworkers for almost an hour before the guest of honor even arrived. I lost track of how many people were celebrating, but I would say maybe 15. It was a fun evening! We all had great food, and then yummy cake, and a good time. I think we left around 7ish to head back home.

It was nice to have a weekend with 2 of my sistores. I just wish Lisa was close enough to spend time with her, too!


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