A Space, B Space

Today I spent most of the afternoon typing. I don't often use my laptop for another purpose other than being on the internet, but I've been doing some typing for a friend of mine at rehab. She is a sweet person, a Sister at a school my best friend's daughter happens to attend. The school is less than 2 minutes (driving) from the hospital, and for the last several weeks after rehab, Sister has asked me to stop by for more work, or to give her the work I've done already. Most of it I've already done, and it's for the Kindergarten graduation program. But last week she handed me a pile of papers that included more Halloween songs and poems, Christmas songs and poems, and some sort of play about the Passion of Christ. I have to be honest, as I type this stuff up, some of it just doesn't make sense. lol But, she's incredibly happy with my work, and I'm just happy I could help her. She's been paying a little here and there, as much as a nun could possibly afford, but when she gives me chocolates, I think I enjoy that the most! Typing so much reminds me of how I started to learn to type, back in high school. The teacher we had was almost like a typing Nazi. She was very strict. If you attempted to look at any of the keys while practicing, she would make you do more work. Or she would cover the keys. I used to be so nervous when it came to doing tests. She would come over to each of our desks, one at a time, and slap her hip with her hand as she yelled out what she wanted us to be typing. And then we'd have timed tests, which also made me feel on the verge of a breakdown. As much as I couldn't stand the class, I guess it did me some good. I barely ever look at the keys while I'm typing, and I can sometimes type pretty fast, even if I'm making mistakes. I just backspace really quickly to fix it, and keep moving on. So I guess the typing Nazi's methods, as crazy as they seemed all those years ago, really made an impact!


CL said…
I too had a typing Nazi. Haha. I guess the Nazi method was popular among typing teachers. (((hugs)))
Silvergirl said…
Yep! Typing Nazi teacher here too...and I had her for Spanish too! (((hugs)))

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