Winter Still Hangs On

Although I was expecting it from the weather reports in the last few days, this morning I woke up to a white wonderland yet again. And although I have seen snow even in April, somehow today's snow just seemed so utterly foreign. It didn't feel as if it should've been out there. The calendar SAYS spring, so it SHOULDN'T snow anymore, right?? Well, tell that to Mother Nature. She apparently didn't get that memo!

I spent my day cleaning and putting things away that I haven't gotten around to doing yet. I also spent the day on my phone, whether it was a long (or short) phone call, or texting. Some unsettling news from a dear friend had gotten the best of me in the afternoon, and I shed some tears for the entire situation (which I may write about in a future post). Just when you think your health situation is the worst, there is always someone out there who has it harder than you.

The aroma of saucy pork chops in the crockpot filled the apartment for most of the day. I couldn't wait for dinner tonight!! I had those chops in the crockpot for around seventeen hours, and they were awesome. If you feel like trying them yourself, you can click here.

I am not tired tonight, which is weird since I never did get a nap. But I suppose I will try to read for awhile before getting some sleep. I know I need it!


CL said…
Love you bunches, Colleen. ***hugs***

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