Keeping Busy Without The Internet!

I've kept myself busy the last couple of days doing things around the house, and being out for most of the morning and afternoon today. It's amazing at how much can get down and the things I'm getting accomplished when I'm not glued to the internet most of the day.

Yesterday after the o2 guy left, I went to the basement to bring up my storage box for all my snowman and winter decorations that I keep up after Christmas. Considering that I was able to turn the heat off for a couple days (during the day at least), and I knew spring was officially arriving on Sunday, I just had to put those things away! I was so tired of looking at them, even though I love snowmen! I got the box, and before I went back upstairs, I finally put the towels I washed about 2 weeks ago into the dryer to fluff them a bit. I got the box to the living room, and began putting things away. Now, most of my figurines and such are glass, so some of them were wrapped up. I filled the box, and it was heavy, but not unmanageable. If I had to guess it probably was close to 10lbs? Maybe not even. I wasn't about to weight it. But, I did carry it back down into the basement. I was ok doing so! Then I got my towels, and put them away when I got back into the apartment. After having some lunch, I cleaned the glass coffee table, dusted, and started putting things back out that have been hibernating for the winter. I have a lot of pics of my niece and nephews, and some family pics, so it's nice to have them out again!

This morning I went to a free business seminar with Mandy, to learn about the types of businesses there are, and forms that need to be filed along with it. It was interesting, and I'm glad we went. We go to another one next weekend that'll be even more important since it's on record keeping and things to make sure one pays attention to when owning a business. I'm hoping that'll be helpful to both of us. In the afternoon, my mom and I went to Aldis, which was really crowded when we first got there. But we trudged through and got all the stuff we wanted and needed (and didn't need), and filled the cart up like we usually do! lol I think we were there for about an hour or so. I drove back to my house so my mom could bring my things inside, and then I dropped her off at her house. After putting all my stuff away when I got home, I was tired and in need of a nap! The evening has been pretty low key. For some reason, I was antsy and kinda wanted to go out and do something, but none of my friends were available, and neither were my sisters. So, I just took a bath and then opened up a margarita. lol I'll be going to bed soon, and hopefully tomorrow I'll be going to a bead exposition. Eeeeeek!!! A convention center conference room full of beads is like putting a crack addict into a room full of crack! LOL!


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