Sucking Up

I was trying to think of what to do today during my prohibited online hours, and I remembered I hadn't tried out my new vacuum yet! My mom bought it for me and brought it over last Friday, but I just hadn't tried to see how well it works. My 2 bedroom rugs haven't been vacuumed since I don't know when, and were quite disgusting, so I thought I'd tackle those first. My new vacuum is a Dirt Devil, and looks exactly like my old Dirt Devil. The major difference is the weight of the vacuum. Even though my old DD says Featherlite, the new one probably weighs 8 pounds less?? I'm not going to attempt putting the vacuums on my bathroom scale to see, so I'm only guessing. lol I got it all ready to start cleaning the crappy looking rugs, and pushed the button to turn it on. It roared to life, and wow! It's sooo much easier to push around than my old DD! And it did a great job in sucking up all the fur and hair and other things accumulating on the rugs! I was very impressed! So I took it into the jewelry room and did some of the carpet in there that was collecting fur and such. When I was done, I proceeded to figure out how to clean it out. Well, that process wasn't as easy as I thought. First of all, I didn't realize the unit had a Maximum Fill Line, and I went waaaaaay past that after doing both rooms. I must remember not to do that again! You are supposed to be able to just detach the container holding whatever you sucked up, turn it upside down, press a button on the bottom to open the flap, and all the junk falls into the garbage. Well, that doesn't exactly work if you've filled the entire container past the Maximum Fill Line, and the container is mostly cat fur! I dumped a lot out, but then I had to reach in with my hand to pull all the rest of the stuff out of there. So, I really must remember to vacuum a room, empty out the contents, and vacuum another one, etc, so I don't fill the container to the top and have to empty it by hand! All in all, though, I like the new vacuum, and it doesn't get my completely whipped after using it like the old one did!

Before vacuuming, I decided to walk a bit on the treadmill. I got to 6 minutes and had to make myself stop because I was rather short of breath for some reason. After calming down, I wanted to finish out the last 4 minutes to get to 10 minutes, which I did. And then I kept going a little more and ended up stopping at 12 minutes. I didn't want to overdo it since I knew I also wanted to vacuum. However, I really shouldn't do walking and vacuuming on the same day. I was rather tired in the afternoon! I didn't think I would be, but well, sometimes I just DON'T think!! lol


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