There are some days when I actually know what my plans are for the day, but I always wonder if I can actually complete them. Sometimes I wake up with no energy for anything, and sometimes I get up all ready to go, and somewhere along the way, the energy levels dissipate. This morning I knew I wanted to take a shower, get 3 loads of laundry done, and do some typing for a friend of mine, since she wants it tomorrow, and also go to a wake in the evening. I got off to an ok start, but my upstairs neighbor got up at the same time as me, and put a load of laundry in first when I had wanted to take a shower. UGH! However, as soon as I knew her machine stopped filling up with water, I hopped into the shower. I knew it was a race against time before the machine went into the rinse cycle! LOL Luckily it wasn't as horrendous as I thought it would be, and I got the shower off my list.

I started the laundry after I had eaten breakfast and dried my hair. The lady upstairs was in the basement taking care of her stuff, so we chatted for awhile. For the rest of the afternoon, I spent time going back down to do another load and typing away on the laptop, listening to music. I had a ton of stuff to type (it's for the Kindergarten graduation program at my friend's school), so I kept plugging away. Eventually when some of my laundry was put into the dryer, I knew I needed a nap or my evening wasn't going to be so pleasant!

I slept for an hour before getting up to make leftovers for dinner. I decided to keep working on more typing while waiting for my parents' and Joanie to pick me up to go to the wake. We went there for awhile, said our condolences to the family, talked to some people we recognized, and then they dropped me off back home. I finally finished up the rest of the typing, and then I had to print it all out. That should've been an easy task, except I used the wrong paper at first and when I tried to print everything out again, my printer had a fit and said the job was done after it spit out 4 out of 11 pages. UGH! I got it all to work out after I turned the printer off and on, but it was aggravating at that moment. Not to mention that Mittens was trying to step on the stuff I had just printed out! But, when it was finally all done, I was happy!! I was able to accomplish all my goals for today!! Even though I'm exhausted from doing everything, at least I got it all done! And now, I'm off to bed!


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