Already Monday

I'm not sure where the weekend went, but it zipped by quickly. I had another business class to go to with Mandy. There were a ton of people there as compared to last week's class. It was all about record keeping. Sounds rather boring, but it was actually very interesting. And also a bit intimidating. If you don't keep track of things just right, you can be audited, and then you REALLY need to make sure you've got all your records and such for proof! Anyway, after the class, I hung out at Mandy's with her family for awhile. We had lunch, and I watched the kids play various computer games as I chatted with Mandy and Ron. Eventually I got back home, and took a much needed nap. Getting up at 7am two Saturdays in a row is rather exhausting! The evening was spent just hanging out online! Yesterday, I went to our newly redesigned Targét. They added a fresh grocery section, and freezer section, and put other sections in other areas. It was kinda fun to walk around and see the store a bit differently, but I do not think their fresh produce area is any cheaper than other places I already shop. I might buy food from there if I have a coupon and it's on sale, but other than that, I don't think it'll become a place where I get most of my food. I don't go to Targét too often, anyway. I did buy a pair of white capri pants for the summer, and 2 sweaters on sale for $5 each. Ca-ching! Love deals!! Today I spent doing easy stuff around the house, like the dishes, and finishing a necklace. Once again I was tired for much of the day. I did take a nap, but somehow the rest didn't last too long. I'll be going to bed pretty soon. I do want to make it rehab tomorrow (I didn't on Thursday, the extreme fatigue was RIDICULOUS), so I need to get enough sleep to make it through the hour of exercise! lol


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