Giving Up

I was raised Catholic, and up until the past couple of years, I would go to church every Sunday and on the religious holidays with my family, and later on usually just with my Mom. I have found myself drifting from the Catholic church for years, totally not agreeing with some of their rules and beliefs, yet still going to church since I thought it was what I should do. I haven't gone in the past couple of years because quite honestly, I just don't feel comfortable. Does this mean I don't believe in God? Absolutely not! I know for sure I would never be where I am today had it not been my faith in Him, and I continue to pray daily, often multiple times a day. I am finding that I am more spiritual, and at this point of my life, I am not sure about the need to go to a building to worship when I can do that whever I am.

Today was Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten season for Catholics. It's a time when people can pray and reflect on the biggest sacrifice Jesus made for the world. During Lent, many Catholics give up something during the 40 days before Jesus died and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. While I may not be a practicing Catholic at this point, I still partcipate in this ritual, since I do strongly believe in Jesus and what he gave up in order to save so many. Last year I gave up my farm on Facebook, which sounds ridiculous, but I was seriously too addicted and had the break the habit somehow. lol This year, I've decided to give up much of my daytime online hours. Again, this may sound crazy to some people, but I truly need to be doing something else with my time besides spending hours playing games on Facebook and doing pretty much nothing else. I'm allowing time online in the mornings when I eat breakfast and read the news and emails and such, but by noon I need to shut down the laptop and find other things to occupy my time until around 7:30 or 8 at night. Trust me, it is NOT easy. lol The only reason I did alright today was because I wasn't really feeling that great and I spent several hours in the afternoon sleeping. But I'm already wondering what I'm going to do tomorrow and especially on weekends. This is almost like giving up a drug!! I definitely know this is a sacrifice, and if I actually make it through 40 days, I'm a strong person for sure!!!

And on that note, I need to get off the laptop! I've also told myself I need to shut everything down by 11:30 at night since I've been going to bed way too late and not getting enough sleep!!


Anonymous said…
Hi Loca,
I can so relate to you on the church thing. I think as long as we belive and pray that uis fine. We do not bneed a building to do this. Wow, that is a huge sacrifice for lent, but I know you can do it! What is your days hours that you are off? LOL
Love ya Loca..Hugs :)
God looks at our hearts not so much if we keep the rules. I believe there are times when we just cannot go to a place of worship, and that doesn't affect our love or devotion to Him. I commend you on the lent sacrifice. Hope you find pleasent things to fill your days.
sunshine said…
I was also raised catholic and although I do not go to church either, I think the best part of my catholic is my own personal relationship to God.
During my life I've been able to share with people of other religions and find that it takes many faiths to come up with your right spirituality and I think that is part of what Jesus wanted us to practice; respect, tolerance and love for all beings and their beliefs.

I completely get what you are talking when it comes to being "addictive" to technology and computers. In fact that is one of the reasons I got into crocheting animals, to be able to spend my times doing other than being glued to the computer/tv.

Maybe you need to read more, start a new hobbie, write a book... good luck!

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