Have you ever wondered how it actually felt to have pulmonary hypertension? I mean, I can say to you that I get short of breath just making my bed sometimes.  Getting dressed some days, especially after a shower, can be a challenge. And in the winter, if I happen to go out to a store by myself, I drive right back home if I can't find a handicap parking spot because I know parking any farther will make me gasp by the time I get into the store.

But are you wondering what that actually FEELS like? Well, try this experiment. Walk up a flight of stairs. But walk up those stairs breathing through a straw. Not just any straw. Use a straw meant for stirring coffee. While you're at it, plug your nose while going up those stairs, breathing only through that tiny straw. Are you gasping for breath by the time you get up there? Is your heart racing, feeling like it's going to bound out of your chest down the street?

Yeah? Well, now you know what it feels like I try to vacuum one rug. Or when I try to go for an extended walk in colder air. Or when I'm just having a bad PH day.


PHA Toronto said…
Whoa. I see new zebra rug. :D

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