It's Personal - Part II

So what do you do with a child who has a disability? And what do you do with a child who may or may not live for very long? Well, you do what is most important: you love her and let her live life as best she can. I spent my childhood playing with my sisters (whom I affectionately call sistores), running around with them, but always taking breaks. My mom signed me up for dance lessons, but I only made it through one class before she realized I wasn't doing that great. So I took organ lessons. I joined the Girl Scouts, which was fairly easy for me to do. I did Art Wheels. I did what I could do to have some fun. I lived my life! Yes, there were many hard times. Yes, I very often got short of breath running around. Yes, I took a LOT of naps. And I still do! Yes, I got sick often.  But I learned my limits, pushed past them many times, but I did ok. And I think the biggest reason why I'm still here today is because of my parents, especially my mom, and my sistores. I love my family dearly, and they all tried their best to make sure I did what I was able to do, or at least to be there to watch.


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