IV Medications for PAH

The very first type of treatment available for PAH was Flolan (epoprostenol). Flolan has been considered the Gold Standard in PAH treatments for a very long time. It's an IV med that goes straight into the heart via catheter. It dilates the blood vessels and allows the right heart to work more efficiently in pumping the blood. Flolan has a very short half-life, which means the medication only lasts a few minutes in the bloodstream. A pump connected to the line helps to administer the med, and the dosage is adjusted according to the patient's  body weight in kilograms. Flolan must be kept cold, and ice packs are used all the time while using the med.

Another type of IV medication is Remodulin (treprostinil). It also helps to relax the blood vessels to allow for better circulation of the blood in the body. Remodulin is requires a catheter and a pump to administer the med, but it has a longer half-life than Flolan. It also does not require ice packs for usage.

Room temperature epoprostenol was approved in 2010, called Veletri. It does not require ice packs or refrigeration.


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