Perhaps The Coast Is Clear

Last Wednesday I was feeling more tired than usual, but last Thursday I felt as if I might be coming down with a cold. I went to rehab and ran errands, but then I went home. I spent this weekend in the house laying low, overdosing on Vitamin C and tea and soup, and just getting as much rest as I could. I do NOT want to get sick. I think I've avoided getting a cold, though. The only issue I keep having is a slight headache at the base of my neck. Nothing seems to help it, so I'm trying my best to ignore it. Seems to be working.

I did do some things around the house during the weekend, but what I was most happy with was working on jewelry. I made an illusion necklace set and a single illusion necklace on Friday night. Last night and today, I ended up making 12 bracelets and a few pairs of earrings. Friday night and tonight, I sold a few bracelets that I had in my Etsy store. Overall, a pretty good weekend jewelry-wise!

I plan on breaking out of the house tomorrow to get to the post office (gotta mail off those purchases!), and maybe a couple other stores. I'm still not going to push myself, so if I don't feel like doing too much, I won't. I do think I need some fresh air, though, and at least it won't be as cold as it was this weekend. So now it's off to bed so I'll have energy for my Monday!


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