Tracleer, or bosentan, was the first oral med treatment approved for PH. It works by blocking the effects of endothelin, which causes blood vessels to narrow, and scarring and overgrowth of the muscle walls of the blood vessels of the lungs. Tracleer can reduce the blood pressure in the lungs and improve activity and wellbeing. It is taken twice a day. Liver tests must be done monthly since it can cause liver damage. Women must do pregnancy tests monthly since Tracleer can cause major birth defects. It costs around $50k a year.

I began taking Tracleer on Oct. 12, 2003. It changed my life. I didn't notice it working at first, but after a few months, subtle changes were appearing. I wasn't gasping for breath after walking long distances. It was truly life changing for me. I am so thankful for those people who came up with it as a treatment. I'm hoping those same people can also find a cure!


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