Exercise is an important part of maintaining health, but it can be very difficult for PHers to do. Many PHers are short of breath with minimal exertion. Each patient is different. There are some who attend pulmonary rehab, or have asked their doctor what type of exercise may be beneficial to them. Cardiovascular activities and ones focusing on muscle tone are important! PHers must not over-exert while exercising, and must give themselves enough recovery time to see if they can continue with more activity.

I have said so many times how much pulmonary rehab has really made a difference for me since I started it over 2 years ago. There are some days when I'm dragging trying to get through exercising, but there are some day when I really do feel great. It's an incredible feeling to be able to exercise when it's something I never did growing up. Not to mention, all the muscles I have, especially in my arms! Whoo hoo! LOL


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