All day events with no rest usually make a PHer pretty tired. I suppose anyone could be rather tired from something like that, but for someone with PH, it usually means the next day is already planned as a rest day. Today was one such day for me, although it was a great day! The holiday event went well, and most of the people who bought things from me were people I already knew. But that's ok! It was fun, though, talking to people she's never met and selling something to them. Makes me happy! At the end of the event, since we had one last minute person added to the group, I was given $15 to donate to the PH Association instead of everyone getting a dollar back for the purchase of a table. I thought that was so nice! Now I'm home for the evening, and taking it easy!! This week I'll be able to work on orders that I've gotten in the past week or so. I'm so thankful to be keeping busy!


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