When someone with PH eats waaay too much, they get increased shortness of breath. This is because the stomach is so full that it's pushing everything up and the lungs get more constricted, making it a bit harder to breathe!

This is what happened to me on Thanksgiving! lol Our family went non-traditional this year. None of us really felt like cooking the huge meal, so we ordered Chinese food instead. We had to buy it the night before, so it did end up being a bit of work trying to fit everything into glassware that could be shoved in the oven to reheat, or into something microwaveable. And of course, we had sooo much food! But it was a great meal, and everyone enjoyed it and the company! Mandy came over with her little family to have dessert (we still had pies!), and it was a very nice evening spent with my family. I don't think it matters what we eat on Thanksgiving, as long as we are together and having a good time is what counts!

I got home from my parents' and took a bath to warm up, and then tried to keep my eyes open long enough to do some shopping on I just can't do the Black Friday stuff. It's insane and chaotic, and I don't feel like I really have the energy to stand in long lines, or get up at 3am for that matter! So I spent a good amount of time browsing for toys on Amazon, and ended up Christmas shopping for 4 of the kiddos I need to buy for! I was pretty happy! I had already bought my mom something earlier in the day, so I was excited that I knocked 5 people off my Christmas list in a day. Whooo hooo! I was getting a bit worried because by this time last year, I was almost done shopping for everyone. I hadn't even thought about what to get people until this week. Just not inspired, I guess. Hopefully it'll continue and I'll get the shopping done pretty soon!

Today, I'm going to finish getting ready for a Holiday Extravaganza that I'm doing with a bunch of women tomorrow. I need to go through all my jewelry and see exactly what I have, and to see if there is anything extra I can whip up. I'm excited about this show, and nervous, too. I hope I am able to sell many items! After tomorrow, I need to work on making jewelry for people who've already requested things. It's been nice to keep busy with it!


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